GreenTea: Time-series Exploration as-a-Service for environmental science

Date: 2023-06-05

Venue: 2023 IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CAI), Santa Clara, CA, USA, 2023

This paper introduces GreenTea, a comprehensive cloud-based streaming platform designed for the exploration and prediction of time-series data in the field of environmental studies. GreenTea operates as a service, offering environmental experts and researchers, who may not possess AI expertise, the opportunity to gain valuable insights from various interconnected environmental data sources. This enables users to harness the power of machine and deep learning algorithms for tasks such as data exploration and predictive analysis. By means of a web application or API, users can submit their data, and if necessary, their custom code. In return, they receive the outcomes of data exploration and predictive analysis generated by the platform. The effectiveness and efficiency of GreenTea have been successfully demonstrated through its application to environmental data sourced from the Regional Environmental Protection Agency of Lombardy, located in Italy.